16. TTMD International HVAC-R Technologies Symposium

22 Ekim - 25 Ekim 2024


XVI TTMD International HVAC&R Technologies Online Symposium will be held online between 22-25 October 2024. The main theme of the Symposium is Embodied Energy and Carbon Emissions in HVAC System Design.

COP 28 which was held in the month of December 2023 in UAE encourages the countries to accelerate “ambitious, economy-wide emission reduction targets” in their nationally determined contributions. This is evidently an inevitable and urgent target to obey and to reach for the human race. This should be a sustained commitment and must be taken seriously by all the goverments worldwide.

Under the declaration made by the COP 28, HVAC sector and therefore our international symposium has the responsibility to contribute to reaching the ultimate goal of making our planet more sustainable in the near future.

The modest goal of the XVI International HVAC+R Technologies Symposium is to widen the perspective on the innovative approaches, concepts, designs and products regarding the sustainability goal in the HVAC+R realm. As it was the case for the previous symposiums, our aim is beyond reaching the academia but also to include the expertize of the practitioners of the field on building information modelling, data and simulation, digitalization, information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT), indoor environmental quality as the new design criteria, microclimate, building interactions and resiliency, energy efficient building, novel HVAC system design approaches and last but the least renewable energy usage.

In pursuing the transfer of this necessity to best solutions, invited speakers of the Symposium will surely hold an important place in the main implementation axis. However, the Symposium will also serve as a stage for those who would like to manifest their novel research findings as presenters. We are confident that the participants of this Symposium will collectively benefit from both invited speakers and presenters working in theory and practice covering the broad field of the Symposium and be able to discuss various topics.

With this ultimate goal, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in this important Symposium, organized by Turkish Society of HVAC & Sanitary Engineers (TTMD).

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