2. Annual Meeting of the Middle East Society of Pediatric Radiology-MESPR

17 Ekim - 19 Ekim 2019

Şişli, İstanbul, Türkiye
Radisson Hotel

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the second annual meeting of the Middle East Society of Pediatric Radiology (MESPR) which will be held between 17 - 19 October in Radisson Şişli Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

In recent years, the breath and scope of imaging evaluation continues to rapidly increase particularly in pediatric patients. The main focus of our program is in response to this constantly changing and advancing field of pediatric imaging that makes it often challenging for trainees and practicing radiologists to stay current and up-to-date.

This two day course and workshop will provide a one of a kind unique opportunity to learn the most up to date and comprehensive review of fundamental and advanced imaging modalities for evaluating various disorders in infants and children.

First, this comprehensive pediatric neuro and body radiology educational program provides a practical overview of currently available techniques and clinical applications that can be used for assessing both congenital and acquired disorders. In addition, the program will also review pitfalls in imaging interpretation and the optimal methods for imaging various normal and abnormal anatomic structures as well as clinically important disorders. The fundamental educational format of this program is didactic lecture style by world-renowned radiology experts and regional speakers with tailored lectures specifically applicable to local and regional pediatric patients in the Middle East.

Our program is also supplemented by a highly effective interactive case-based review session, which includes substantial time for audience interaction and will be a great resource for trainees preparing for their board examination. In addition, we provide an opportunity for our younger colleagues to express their research reports or their interesting cases in the form of oral presentations and posters. Last but foremost, one of the most important purposes of the annual meeting of the MESPR is to meet both the high profile international leaders in the field of pediatric radiology as well as local and regional radiologists interested in pediatric imaging in the Middle East. We hope that your direct interaction with speakers and colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and build an important network for your patient care and professional development.

It is our pleasure to bring the annual meeting of the MESPR to different countries each year. After its successful inaugural conference in Dubai last year, we dearly look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to this year’s annual meeting in beautiful, Istanbul, Turkey, and hope you enjoy our program and the unique experience that each Middle Eastern country has to offer!

Organizing Committee

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