4. Eurasia Biochemical Approaches and Technologies Congress-EBAT 2022

03 Kasım - 06 Kasım 2022

Antalya, Türkiye
Dear Scientists and Delegates from Public or Private Sector,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the “4th EURASIA BIOCHEMICAL APPROACHES & TECHNOLOGIES (EBAT) CONGRESS” which will be held from 3- 6 November 2022, at the Mirage Hotel, in Antalya/TURKEY, hosted by the Turkish Chemists Society.

The 4th EBAT congress will focus on researches and academic or industrial strategies in the many disciplines related with biochemistry such as protein purification and technologies, industrial enzyme applications, molecular biochemistry, bioengineering, bionanotechnology, bioinformatics, biophysiscs, bioanalytics, biosorption, biochemistry of natural products, biomaterials, bioprinting and biological activity assignment.

Nowadays, the developments in all these fields can have opportunities to apply in many industries such as food, drug, agriculture, dye, textile, cleaning, and cosmetics. Therefore, it is aimed in this congress that recent advances in approaches and applications about the disciplines ordered above will be discussed in addition to standard well established methods and applications. In this context, a natural scientific environment for the exchange of ideas and experience between dynamic, experienced and well-equipped scientists will be developed by taking into account the needs and expectations of the industry.

Besides a satisfying scientific program, we also would like to present to you an opportunity to have a breathe in the good atmosphere of Antalya city with this congress.

Once again thank you for your contributions and interest to our congress and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Antalya/TURKEY from 3-6 November, 2022.


On Behalf of the Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Ali KILINÇ

4th EBAT Congress Chair

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