4. International SCOSYM Symposium

23 Eylül - 24 Eylül 2023

İstanbul, Türkiye
Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the extra special SCOSYM Symposium in Istanbul, Türkiye by the SCOSYM2023 organizing team. Top spine researchers from across the world come together at SCOSYM to share expertise and research under one platform. It is a fascinating chance for academics to present their work to other researchers and practitioners throughout the world, and it also gives attendees access to research from the top societies around the globe.

A chance for less formal social networking between the societies and their members is also provided by SCOSYM. Also, SCOSYM has planned Istanbul's culinary and entertaining attractions.

Istanbul, the largest city in Türkiye, is regarded by many as the artistic heart of the continent. Constantinople, Istanbul, Byzantium, Ottomans and The Republic of Türkiye... These thre enchanted names stand for Istanbul's illuminating past and future. The Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus are Istanbul's most magnificent sights that immediately come to mind. One of the must-do activities for tourists in Istanbul is to visit the Historic Peninsula, which is home to historical sites like the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, and Blue Mosque, as well as the Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, and the impressive Bosphorus tour, which departs from Eminönü Galata Bridge and continues to Anadolu Kavak.

Without taking a typical and unique sea journey by ferry or boat through the Bosphorus, which connects Europe and Asia, your trip to Istanbul would not be complete.

Many people have a memorable dream of traveling to Türkiye. Why not live out your dreams and tell your SCOSYM colleagues and friends about this incredible experience? In 2023, we hope to meet you in ISTANBUL.

Registration is now available here. You can submit an abstract here.

Organizing Committee for SOSORT 2023 and Deniz Aktan Ilgaz

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