TASL-BASL Joint Meeting 2021

12 Mart - 13 Mart 2021


Dear Colleagues,

Turkish and British Associations for the Study of Liver (TASL-BASL) are pleased to announce a digital monothematic conference, “Drug-induced Liver Injury: Unresolved questions and unmet needs” on March 12-13, 2021. We hope that the programme will be a timely and welcome opportunity to reflect upon an area of critical importance for clinicians, researchers, scientists, pharma and other health care professionals.

Drugs and herbs are a common aetiology underlying acute liver injury. The number, variety and mechanism of action of drugs in use continues to expand. Along with this, interest and importance of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) has grown. Dissemination of knowledge related to DILI and a shared understanding is crucial to improve its diagnosis and safety of medications.

On behalf of TASL and BASL, we welcome you to join experts from Turkey and the United Kingdom in this event where we aim to appraise recent advances and emerging context in the field to identify priorities for future collaboration. We are excited to have this opportunity to create a partnership between TASL and BASL as well as to share the cutting-edge information with regards to DILI.

We look forward to seeing you all,

Prof. Guruprasad Aithal
President, BASL

Prof. Ramazan Idilman
President, TASL

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