Minimal Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery Meeting-MIRC 2020

26 Haziran - 28 Haziran 2020

İstanbul, Türkiye
Marriot Asia Congress Center

Dear Collegues,

It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the Minimal Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery (MIRC) Meeting of the Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting will be held at the Marriot Asia Congress Center between 26-28 June 2020.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is in trend to become to be the standard of care for the majority of cardiac operations and we as surgeons must be ready to perform minimally invasive procedures in any cardiac surgery center.

Therefore it is crucial than ever to share experience among the senior surgeons and train our young collegues in minimally invasive surgery.

MIRC 2020 will address minimal invasive and robotic cardiac surgery in all aspects. Besides designated hands on courses, as and ideal way for perfect training, will provide excellent practice.

The theme of the meeting would be “Tracking advances, innovations, and discoveries in minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery, and dissemination of clinical practices for integrated, patient-centered approach.”

The meeting will begin on Friday, June 26th and end at 28th The conference will cover minimal invasive and robotic surgery and courses for practical skills.

We hope you will enjoy the meeting, and surely we will dedicate all our efforts making this Congress an unforgettable scientific experience for you.

We are, as are our colleagues in the Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery and Organization Committee, very excited about the possibility of having you contribute to the scientific content and value of the meeting.

Respectfully yours,

Prof. Dr. Cem Alhan


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