19. World Congress of Phlebology-UIP 2022

12 Eylül - 16 Eylül 2022

İstanbul, Türkiye
Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure as the President of the UIP to invite you to the 2022 UIP World Congress of Phlebology (12-16 Sep 2022).

With more than 70 member societies from across 5 continents, UIP is the peak body representing phlebology on a global level. The UIP World Congress will draw the world’s top key opinion leaders (KOLs) in venous and lymphatic disease, while providing a great opportunity for young vascular specialists to meet, greet, be inspired, encouraged and energised.

Turkey with its amazing ancient culture and beautiful natural scenery will be a fabulous and exotic destination. The splendid city of Istanbul, the old Capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the city that bridges Europe to Asia, will be an incredible host city. I invite you to sponsor, exhibit and support this amazing event and partner with thousands of young phlebologists from Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa who will find Turkey an easy to reach destination and Istanbul a wonderful city to visit. Phlebology is a multi-disciplinary field drawing membership from vascular, general and plastic surgery, interventional radiology, vascular medicine and angiology, lymphology, haematology, dermatology, cosmetic medicine and surgery, sonography and nursing. The UIP World Congress will provide you a great opportunity to reach a wide range of professionals in all related fields, allowing you to expand into new markets.

I have no doubts that the 2022 UIP World Congress of Phlebology under the leaderships of Prof. A. Kursat Bozkurt and Prof. Dr. Serdar Bayrak and the Turkish Society of Phlebology will be a well-organised, well-attended, grand and glamorous event. The Congress venues are within the walking distance of the city centre. The Headquarter hotel, Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, will take you back to the golden age of Hollywood. Be prepared for glamour!

Turkey will welcome you with open arms.

See you all in Istanbul!

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