5. International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology-ICEES 2019

08 Ekim - 11 Ekim 2019

Ankara, Türkiye
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce that the 5th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (5ICEES) will be hosted by Middle East Technical University (METU) Civil Engineering Department. The conference will be held in Ankara, Turkey at METU Culture and Convention Center during 8‐11 October, 2019.

The International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology is organized every two years since 2011 by the Earthquake Engineering Association of Turkey (EEAT). The principal aim is to gather all national and international researchers in order to discuss current problems regarding the earthquake phenomenon, exchange ideas for the possible solutions in short and long term and to facilitate their participation in a scientific environment. Since we have started this journey as a national conference at METU, Ankara in 2011, there has been an ever increasing interest to the conference from Turkey and abroad with high‐quality contributions to the current research in the fields of earthquake engineering and seismology. We hope this interest will grow even more and we experience a successful conference with a considerable number of participants.

During the first three days of the conference, presentations and discussions will be organized through parallelsessions with the participants from numerous universities, research units, governing bodies and private sector companies worldwide. Each session will focus on a particular theme. The participants can present their work both in English and in Turkish. There will be no invited speakers in the conference and every participant will have equal opportunity to present the research findings if approved by the Scientific Committee.

The last day of the conference is dedicated to a special workshop honoring the retirement of Prof. Haluk Sucuoğlu (METU). Distinguished international and nationalresearchers are invited to this one‐day event to give their compelling talks regarding different aspects of earthquake engineering and seismology.

Further details about the conference and important deadlines will be provided in the future calls. We look forward to hosting you next year at METU, Ankara.

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