5. International Eurasian Congress on Natural Nutrition and Healthy Life 2019

02 Ekim - 06 Ekim 2019

Ankara, Türkiye
Dear Participants,

Healthy life, sports and proper nutrition are the most natural rights and basic necessities of all living beings and they have a special importance in maintaining both life and quality of living. All these improvements have rendered the food production systems indispensable to be socially viable, economically profitable and fruitful, protective of human health and caring the health and comfort of all living beings. Hence with the increasing industrialization and the uncontrolled application of modern agriculture; the intensive use of chemicals, soil pollution, genetically engineered seeds, hormone usage and similar methods which detract from natural production are becoming the main topic, thus making the healthy production increasingly difficult while renders the product quality and nutritive value under significant risks. On the other hand, foods produced by illicit methods and processed by unregistered means can create the basis of primarily heart diseases and cancer risk along with many diseases.

Nutrition safety is a fact that is continued and cared both in whole world and Turkey. The generations of our country to grow up healthy and to be properly fed with safe nutritions are of almost importance for the prevention of both health and economical losses. As a result of these improvements, the organic and good agricultural practices, local and natural products, herbal food supplements, natural cosmetics and other natural health products have become quite popular lately in the world. However, there are a lot of different opinions being presented nearly every day in visual and printed-social media. In fact, every wrong application made will affect negatively to both health and comfort of individuals, and bring extra social and economic burdens. For this reason, it is extremely important to facilitate a scientifically based awareness for a large scope that is extending from field-to-table and from producer-to-consumer. Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and sport habits which protects and improves the health of the society and prevents a lot of physical and spiritual diseases can only be facilitated by increasing the public awareness. Nowadays, the damages which are done to the public health for the sake of profits are essentially caused by the information pollution. As a natural result for this, both the individual and the society are affected negatively and are misdirected. On this topic, information sharing for all the parts of the society in light of scientific data along with the interdisciplinary comparative true knowledge and experience coming from primarily the food, agriculture, nutrition, health and sports disciplines are of great importance. Improving health is adopted not only by the increase of quality and quantity of health services, but facilitation of a body of strategies which involves a collaboration between many sectors.

In this scope, with the participation of notably, Turkey Republic President’s Wife, First Lady Emine Erdoğan, Turkey Republic Prime Minister’s Wife, related Ministers, Members of Our Parliament, Academicians, NGO representatives, shareholders from public institutions and organizations, the NATURAL’2015 arranged in Sapanca, NATURAL’2016 arranged in Antalya EXPO Center, NATURAL’2017 arranged in Ankara, NATURAL’2018 Congress and Exhibition in National Botanical Garden of Turkish Presidency hosted by TAGEM activities have been completed with a great success. The continuity of these activities is seen as important in order for individuals to maintain conscious nutrition and healthy life behaviors according to changing life conditions and to revise their activities accordingly. For that reason; with the hostings of Gazi University and Malatya Turgut Özal University, ‘5th International Eurasian Congress on Natural Nutrition and Healthy Life’ is organized between the dates, 02-06 October 2019. In the context of this summit and also with the Pioneering of Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy along with Apitherapy Foundation, International ‘Apiterapi’2019 and with the Pioneering of Gazi University Faculty of Sports Sciences, ‘Sport for All’2019 Congress and Exhibition activities will be organized. We are waiting for your attendance to these important organizations which are significant for the continuity of national and international powerful cooperations and thank all institutions and organizations which have contributions.

With our wish of a healthy generation and healthy future…

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Rüştü Karaman
Editor of NATURAL’2019

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