International Mineral Processing Conference Eurasia-IMPC 2019

31 Ekim - 02 Kasım 2019

Antalya, Türkiye
Titanic Beach Lara Hotel

International Mineral Processing Conference Eurasia (IMPC 2019) will be organized by Turkish Mining Development Foundation from 31 October-2 November 2019 in Antalya.

As is known, International Mineral Processing Congresses are held every 2 years at various locations globally. In order to give more people opportunities to participate in similar such events the International Mineral Processing Council recently agreed that it would, subject to certain conditions, formally support regional mineral processing conferences and assist in the organisation of such Conferences. IMPC - Eurasia is the first such Conference. It is hoped that the Conference will attract delegates not only from the near and middle east and Balkan countries but also from countries around the world. Many academicians, experts, engineers, mine owners and equipment manufacturers will participate to IMPC - Eurasia from Turkey, Russian Federation, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Balkan Countries and Europe. A word class exhibition will be organized during the Conference. The cost of attendance includes registration fee, accommodation for 3 nights, all meals and drinks in a luxury hotel which represents an excellent opportunity to attend a major conference. Also, touristic and technical tours will be organized before and during the Conference. Profits accruing from the Conference will be donated to the International Mineral Processing Council to assist it in promoting its global activities.

You are invited to attend this Conference especially through submitting at this time an Abstract. Antalya is a unique venue for this event with its dynamism, diversity and its 3000 years of history. We assure you that your stay will be most enjoyable and are sure that you will benefit from attending this unique event.


Prof. Dr. Cyril O’CONNOR
President of IMPC Council

Prof. Dr. Güven Önal
President of Turkish Mining Development Foundation

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