6. Pediatric Adolescent Adult Foregut Interdisciplinary Symposium-PAAFIS 2021

24 Eylül - 25 Eylül 2021

Ankara, Türkiye
Dear Colleagues and PAAFIS Members, On behalf of the Steering Committee of Pediatric Adolescent and Adult Foregut Interdisciplinary Society, we cordially invite you to PAAFIS 2020, which will be held in Ankara, September, 24-25 2021. PAAFIS is the only international interdisciplinary organization which brings experts in field of pediatrics and adult medicine to teach, learn and assist physicians around the globe.

It started as a concept in 2012 when a pediatric gastroenterologist and surgeons were discussing a medically complex patient. It was at that moment, that we realized how often we were lacking an adequate and timely input from various specialties in challenging cases. We decided to create a model where a collective approach would be used to optimize medical decision-making. We identified leading experts from medical and surgical fields across the continents. We incorporated their knowledge, expertise, skills and will to advance abilities of local and international medical and surgical communities through conferences, hands-on courses, live case discussions and collaboration in trans-institutional research.

After successful and excellent symposiums in Mainz, Germany and New York City, the United States, this year we are moving to Ankara, Turkey for the 6th PAAFIS Symposium. A group of international experts from different disciplines will discuss every aspect of foregut issues. In addition to oral presentations, hands-on courses and case discussions and practical sessions for physiotherapists, nurses and families is included in the scientific program. A social program is also organized to introduce the participants both the historical parts of old Ankara and the modern capital of Turkey. We are looking for your participation and hope to see you in Ankara. Best regards.

Prof. Oliver Muensterer
Chairman of PAAFIS

Prof. Thomas Ciecierega
Co-Chair of PAAFIS

Prof. Tutku Soyer
Chairman of OC

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